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Wichita Firefighters endorse and support Mayor Brandon Whipple in the 2023 Wichita Mayoral Race.

Mayor Brandon Whipple, wife Chelsea and their three boys with leadership from IAFF Local 135, Wichita Firefighters announcing endorsement

In 2019, Mayor Whipple made a promise. You will have a seat at the table. You will be listened to; you will be heard.

For far too long, firefighters' concerns about public safety, and our own safety, were ignored. Compensation, benefits, and morale were low. In fact, Wichita's firefighters were the lowest paid in the entire region (with a starting wage of just $15.74 an hour) while also being responsible for larger areas with fewer firefighters. Since 2009, no new stations had been built, the number of firefighters needed to maintain safety standards grew to over 140 and our injury rate climbed to twice the national average. Mayor Whipple listened and shared our concerns.

With Mayor Whipple's support and the support of the people we serve every day, we were able to secure a historic contract. Not only did this contract raise pay; it drastically improved morale and recruitment. It kept experienced firefighters in Wichita.

This was a crucial first step after years of department neglect.

Mayor Whipple also pushed for a much-needed temporary fire station, two new stations, long overdue maintenance on existing stations, and a new emergency medical response team within the fire department - so we can reach you in time.

The job of modernizing a department left stagnant since 2009 is no easy task and the work is not done. After years of not being heard about the safety of our firefighters and fire safety in Wichita, Mayor Whipple is the champion we need to continue building the emergency fire and medical services Wichita deserves. We need your help in order to protect the progress we've made and to make sure this job isn't left half done.

Voting is open now and we are asking for our biggest allies in this fight, the citizens of Wichita, to stand with Wichita Firefighters once again - this time in the voting booth.

We are honored to serve such an amazing city and we will never stop advocating for your families and ours.

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